Copilot45 by Ingentive - AI Setup for success in 45 days

What is Copilot?

Copilot is an AI-powered assistant developed by Microsoft that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 suite of applications and beyond, allowing you to use new workflows to make life easier and boost productivity.

Trams|Econocom have partnered with Ingentive, a global Microsoft jumpstart partner, to provide Microsoft solutions to support an organisations digital transformation.


Digital transformation through an AI evolution

Copilot provides organisations with an opportunity to reimagine productivity, enrich employee experiences, reinvent customer engagement and reshape business processes.

Copilot leverages the power of AI to unlock economic benefits for the organisation and help it to evolve beyond "digital debt" or typically increased time spent on tasks such as tackling long email threads, catching up on missed team meeting minutes and managing multiple documents across multiple information repositories.

The Microsoft Work Trend Index 2023 highlights that:

  • 64% of employees don’t have enough time to do their jobs
  • Employees are 3.5X more likely to struggle with strategic or innovation thinking
  • Additionally, 60% of leaders say a lack of innovation is a concern for them.

Embracing change with Copilot is the way forward to tackling digital debt and facilitating innovation. Copilot’s attributes make it a perfect companion to do just that.

It will continually evolve as your organisation does, to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business landscape through increasing employee productivity, helping employees with necessary, but repetitive tasks, increasing employee well-being, eliminating time spent on low value activities and augmenting human capabilities.

AI drives value to the bottom line of an organisation. A Microsoft commissioned IDC study from November 2023 found that:

  • For every $1 companies invest in AI, they are realising an average of $3.5 in return and 5% of organisations worldwide are realising an average of $8 in return.
  • On average organisations are realising a return on their AI investments within 14 months of deployments.
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Designing for privacy and security

AI models are fast maturing and there is an increasing focus by organisations to leverage the economic benefits that they bring. To take advantage of this enormous potential we need to ensure it is designed and deployed with privacy in mind.

Copilot is able to utilise a range of data sources including LLMs, Microsoft Graph and O365 user data in a way that ensures an organisations data remains within the organisation.

Integrating Generative AI throughout your Microsoft estate using Copilot

To effectively implement Copilot across your organisation training is needed to cover three key areas.

Firstly, to provide an understanding of the full capabilities Copilot has and the data it utilises. Secondly, to demonstrate how these capabilities can be utilised to customise your organisations workflows. Thirdly, to ensure employees AI aptitude meets the standards needed to effectively use Copilot.

We will put in place a structured set of processes to align thinking around AI, assess the current “as-is” state with the organisation and develop a “to-be” model with supporting road map to achieve this.

This is why it’s important to have experts to guide your organisation through the transition into using Copilot. In addition to deployment, the process needs to include employee training, employee buy-in, and increased productivity for the changes to be adopted.

How Trams|Econocom and Ingentive Onboards Microsoft CoPilot

How Trams|Econocom and Ingentive Onboards Microsoft CoPilot

How Trams|Econocom & Ingentive can help

With Trams|Econocom's expertise in B2B IT solutions combined with Ingentive's Miscrosoft expertise, we are extremely well equipped to make the adoption of Copilot a smooth operation for your business. We will remove all the guesswork for you and provide a comprehensive implementation process tailored to your desired business outcomes.

Trams|Econocom are accustomed to pioneering new developments in technology to give our clients an edge over the competition. Ingentive are uniquely placed to understand not only the benefits cognitive AI can bring to your organisation, but also the importance in making sure you get it right, first time.

Collectively we are exponentially more impactful, bringing a unique value proposition to the market. Our combined force allows us access to the resources, scale and reach to confidently take on any type of project. We can leverage these advantages with the Microsoft ecosystem to deliver immense value to your organisation.

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Ingentive have developed Copilot45. A unique program of AI change and delivery that will get your organisation AI ready in under 45 days. With a mixture of collaborative workshops, interactive sessions, and deployment help, wrapped up with full data governance and complemented with adoption and change programs. Copilot45 is your one stop solution for AI readiness.