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Ready for the new digital natives?

The balance is tipping in workplaces around the globe. Millennials and Generation Z together now make up 59% of the average workforce, out-numbering previous generations and transforming office dynamics.

This new wave of talent has grown up in a digital world. They are innately tech savvy and natural multi-taskers, always on the look-out for new technology that can help them do more, faster, better.

In partnership with Lenovo, we can offer you the right technology to support your new workforce.

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2.1 hours

That’s the amount of time that the average knowledge worker loses per day re-focusing as they switch between tasks*. Multiply that across workdays and your workforce headcount and the emerging productivity challenge becomes clear.

87% of SMB buyers believe improving employee productivity is a high or critical priority for their business in the next 12 months.

*Lenovo SMB Study commissioned with Forrester Research - July 2019

A new laptop experience

It’s time for a new breed of device: a laptop designed to combat the negative impacts of multitasking by better supporting all the different type of tasks that work involves. This technology should help people to better collaborate in-person or virtual meetings where ideas may be conceptualised, decisions made, and progress reviewed.

It should help them create and process information and better review work documents: reading, editing, and annotating work.

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Trams|Econocom is a multi-award-winning Apple Authorised Reseller in the UK. Our vast experience and knowledge of Apple and everything relating to Apple devices means you're in the best hands.

Trams has the capability of delivering your devices quickly and at competitive prices. We’ve been a long-standing Apple Authorised Reseller, delivering the latest technology and accessories to keep your business operating productively.

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