Cloud Storage

Data integrity and availability is business critical, which means finding the right data storage & management solution is key to the growth & security of your organisation.

Whether you’re simply researching cloud storage for the first time or looking to change your current cloud provider, Trams|Econocom is the ideal partner.

The market offers a bewildering array of products and technology from multiple manufacturers, which combined with the complexities of an IT infrastructure, create added stress and uncertainty as to which solution is the right choice for your business needs.

The market offers an array of packages and technology from various manufacturers, which combined with the complexities of an IT infrastructure can create added stress and uncertainty on which solution is the right choice for you. With decades of experience working with cloud storage, top-tier partnerships with leading vendors and being the recipient of multiple awards, we have the experience, background and credibility to deliver the right solution for your business needs.

Move your workflow to the cloud, create tiered storage to reduce costs or provide your global workforce with access to a single library, Trams|Econocom can provide knowledgeable consultation, installation, and support.

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As our business has grown, both new employees and office locations, the complexity of our infrastructure has too. Trams|Econocom worked alongside us and delivered a scalable IT ecosystem without disturbing the workforce.

Private Cloud

Trams|Econocom has assisted several companies in enterprise, fashion and banking with a private cloud solution. Private Cloud is hosted on-site and allows a company to create and fully manage their cloud computing. This allows employees across various locations to benefit from a sole storage, behind the company Firewall.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud is seen as a way for enterprises to scale IT resources on demand, without having to maintain onsite servers, applications or R&D. With numerous companies utilising the “Pay As You Go” pricing structure it is seen by many companies as a way to decrease direct overheads which some enterprises see as an attractive and more flexible financial model.

Hybrid Storage

Hybrid Cloud is the best of both worlds! A combination of Private, on-site, and Public Cloud allows companies to store their data effectively and improve long-term costs. By allowing workflows to move between Private and Public Clouds as needs change, it allows the business to have greater flexibility when dealing with projects, whilst behind the security of the company firewall.


As a Titanium Partner, Trams|Econocom works with Dell to deliver solutions and technology for your employees. 

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Trams is the most successful Reseller of Quantum StorNext and Quantum Storage Manager in EMEA

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“We have seen a transformation in the way we engage, architect and develop our storage systems to meet the ever-increasing needs of our business. Trams have been central to our ability to meet these needs and have offered consultation, expertise and a level of engagement with the vendor previously unseen. The impartial and honest approach of their integrator has given us faith in the systems we implement and a level of support and care you seldom see elsewhere.”

Angus Rooke
International IT Manager

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