Man Utd needed to go from SD to HD for their TV Channel along with a backup archiving solution that was expandable, dependable, and future-proof.

It was decided the best way forward would be to move the whole facility from Old Trafford to a designated Media building just down the road.

The new facility has updated all 22 of its edit stations with HP Z820/420 series workstations, installing 8GB fibre cards into each unit, along with an 8GB fabric network backbone, thus enabling MUTV to Edit and playback in HD using Kona cards. They are all then connecting to the new SAN which consists of a M441 and then re-purposing their existing Active storage disks.

Off the back of this we then have a Stornext enabled AEL 500 tape drive, Trams Jonathan Wilding has been an integral part of the planning and system architecture on this project, also with ourselves being lead engineer doing the full install for MUTV to an agreed budget and timeline.

MUTV have recently added a further 120TB of storage to their estate, replacing the Active Storage Disks. This was all supplied by and installed by Trams – References available on request.


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