Empower and Secure Your Workforce with Jamf Mobile BYOD

Are you worried about insider threats from employees or contractors bringing using their own devices at work?

With Jamf BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Trams|Econocom expertise in device management, we can help you increase security and save money in the process.

The current and future working landscape involves onsite, remote and hybrid workers, all using technology, which can leave networks vulnerable. Discover the future of a secure workplace with Jamf Mobile BYOD, which can revolutionise the way you engage with contractors and permanent staff…. without disturbing productivity.

What is Jamf Mobile BYOD?

In a world where personal devices have become essential, Jamf Mobile BYOD offers a breakthrough solution to seamlessly integrate personal devices like Apple iPhones or iPads into the work environment.

Many BYOD solutions have been great in concept but flawed in practice. Employees provide the hardware, and organisations provide access, but all too often, devices are either over-managed or the employee is under-served.

Say goodbye to the struggles of over-managed devices or under-served employees – it's time to find the balance.

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BYOD Security for all Scenarios

Contractors and Flexibility

Many firms reduce the onboarding process for contractors, meaning their BYOD and network access isn’t as strict as permanent employees.

Empower your contractors with secure access to work resources through their devices. Jamf Mobile BYOD offers a reliable solution for granting controlled access and ensuring data security while maintaining contractor flexibility.

Controlling contractors' access differently to permanent employees means you can maximise their time with you without compromising your security.

Cost-Efficient and Secure

Would you like your workforce to be able to use their own device securely and without great spikes in costs to the company?

Reduce the cost of purchasing mobile phones for employees by securing their devices with Jamf Mobile BYOD.

Companies never know the future, but employees will need their technology to complete their everyday tasks. With Jamf BYOD, employees can use their own devices securely, reducing expenses and increasing cost-efficiency while maintaining data security.

Protecting Personal Information

Keep your employees happy that their data and personal information are secure and inaccessible from the IT department.

Jamf Mobile BYOD assures that employees' private data remains private.

IT can't access personal files or apps.

Jamf BYOD: Alleviate Security and Privacy Concerns

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The Balance Between Empowerment and Security

Employee Privacy First

Along with Apple and Jamf, Trams understands the value of personal privacy. Employees are often reluctant to enrol their devices in a mobile device management (MDM) system due to concerns about data access. But without the enrolment, every BYOD device is a security concern, so there must be a way to do both.

And there is, with Jamf Mobile BYOD it respects personal privacy and ensures that your employees' private data remains just that – private. IT teams will be unable to access data outside of the business-based applications.

Security Matters to IT

For IT Departments and others responsible for securing sensitive organisational data, keeping personal devices is a top priority. Jamf Mobile BYOD strikes the perfect balance by providing necessary security controls without compromising the personal side of devices. Safeguarding against malware, phishing attacks, and intrusion while respecting users' privacy – it's a win-win.

IT Can:

  • Implement data loss prevention controls.
  • Offer user-managed Self Service app catalog.
  • Apply corporate configurations such as Wi-Fi, VPN, and passcode requirements.
  • Manage corporate apps and associated data.
  • Enhance security with collected work account data.
  • Adjust restrictions to protect corporate data.

IT Cannot:

  • Erase personal data like photos, personal mail, or contacts.
  • Remove personal apps without user consent.
  • View private data, including personal app names.
  • Restrict personal app usage or installations.
  • Track device location.
  • Unilaterally remove user-installed content.
  • Collect user information from the device.

How an employee enrols

  1. The user authenticates to the device using a Managed Apple ID by navigating to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management and then signs into their Work or School Account with their Managed Apple ID. After the user enters the Managed Apple ID, they must tap Continue.
How and epmployee enrols - Step 1
  1. The enrolment portal displays and prompts the user to enter their Jamf Pro User Account or directory credentials (for example, LDAP or Azure AD). After entering credentials, the user must tap Login. The user must then sign into iCloud with their Managed Apple ID email address and password when prompted.
How and epmployee enrols - Step 2
  1. The user is prompted to allow remote management and the MDM Profile downloads to the device. And that’s it! It’s a consumer-simple experience for the end user while also enterprise-secure for the organisation.
How and epmployee enrols - Step 3

Jamf Mobile BYOD: Privacy and User Experience

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BYOD for the Modern Workforce

Jamf Mobile BYOD is designed with the modern workforce in mind. Ready to empower your workforce with Jamf Mobile BYOD? Take the first step towards a balanced and productive future.

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