LAPS for macOS at JNUC 2023

LAPS for macOS

This video covers the presentation conducted by Perry Driscoll, Senior Technician at Trams|Econocom, during JNUC 2023.

Perry Driscoll created a LAPS solution for macOS which utilises Jamf for creating, cycling and storing the management of encoded unique local admin credentials. There are many LAPS solutions out there, all of which do it slightly different to the last. Perry’s approach when creating this solution was to keep it simple… but secure.

The core of the solution runs from two scripts, one for the creation and cycling of the LAPS account and one for decoding and viewing the LAPS password.

Included in the solution are simple switches for you to set password complexity — including number of characters and special characters — and a nice integration with Slack that you can add to a channel to give updates on LAPS creation, password cycles, password views and a reason for the request.

The session covers the setup and configuration with some demos of the solution in action.


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