Jamf Nation Roadshow Steps up a Gear!

Published on 24 May 2018 Enterprise IT, Education

As a large reseller of Jamf based in London, a number of us from Trams went along to the JAMF Nation Roadshow on the 17th of May 2018. And it proved to be a worthwhile visit as the event saw the number of attendees grow substantially.

For those who don’t know, the Jamf Nation Roadshow is a free one-day event where attendees can learn about the latest developments on Jamf and receive first-hand presentations on how using Jamf Pro has positively impacted customers' lives.

The event started off with an introductory presentation from two Jamf employees who professionally detailed the basics of Jamf Pro and Jamf Now, along with the advantages of using their Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and why you need to roll out such a solution at your work.

For our new Head of Marketing at Trams, it was a prime opportunity to learn more about the global service. “Having spent a lot of time working on GDPR in recent months, it became very apparent how MDM can help to keep data secure whilst remotely monitoring employee’s activity on devices. Something we may have to prove should the time come.”

After an informative session, everyone went off for some mid-morning refreshments which allowed the Trams team to network with several clients and potential clients.

During this time Paul Gibbons, Business Development Manager of Trams commented, “It's encouraging to see Apple veterans assisting those new to the Apple platform, exchanging their ideas and experiences. There is always a strong sense of community amongst Jamf Nation members which enforces the message of where Jamf fits; as the best-of-breed Apple management solution.”

This proved to be a timely statement as we returned to the Auditorium and were met with a huge rise in attendees as more end users and resellers joined the conference for the Keynote Speaker, Dean Hager, CEO at Jamf.

With approximately 400* people in the room, Dean spoke positively about the future of Jamf, showing the rise over the years and how they’re now managing 10 million Apple devices with around 15,500 customers.

Another key point made by the CEO was the recent unity between IT companies, such as Apple, Microsoft and IBM has led to Apple devices becoming accepted in the mainstream office environment, especially as Macs can integrate with applications such as Office 365.<

Directly after the Keynote presentation we heard from Michael Paul, Jamf Product Manager, who reiterated the importance of synergy and discussed “Conditional Access” which will help clients to work alongside MS and their Azure and Office 365 services.

Another highlight from the day was the presentation from Sachin Parmar from Just Eat who provided the concluding episode on their journey with Jamf Pro. Originally presenting at the 2016 roadshow Sachin brought the audience up-to-speed on their journey, which included the latest integrations with NoMAD and 802.1x secure networks. The presentation also highlighted an interesting service Just Eat utilised much like our own ADEPT service.

The service allows companies to play a corporate video to the end user as their device deploys the company settings. By the end of the entertaining video, not only does the new employee feel part of their new company, but they have a brand-new Apple device to start working on.

This slick zero-touch Mac deployment process whilst retaining an incredibly clever light touch management process was very clever. It showed clearly how users have a great (and secure) experience and IT have more time to focus on the strategy.

There was a lot more we could highlight, but these are some of the main areas. What is apparent is that Jamf, as a company and service, is improving year-on-year with the future looking bright. It was also apparent that zero-touch deployment is at the early stage of its life cycle, with much more to come!

To find out further information on Jamf Pro and our advanced version TramsCloud, powered by Jamf, please contact us by email at sales@trams.co.uk

Did you attend the event? We’d welcome your thoughts – email our marketing department at marketing@trams.co.uk

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*Attendance to be confirmed by Jamf. The figure is an approximate figure estimated by Trams.