Apple Device Enrolment

About Device Enrolment

The device enrolment feature of Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager helps businesses and education institutions to easily deploy and configure iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Device enrolment enables IT organisations to automate mobile device management (MDM) enrolment wirelessly as part of the setup process — all without physically touching or prepping the devices before users receive them.

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The Process

For device enrolment, business customers require an Apple Business Manager account and education customers require an Apple School Manager account.

Please add Trams as a supplier with Reseller ID 1B4180 and provide your Customer ID which will allow Trams Econocom to submit your order details to device enrolment service.

Once enrolled, MDM servers can be configured, and devices assigned using either the order number or the device serial number. User profiles can then be assigned through the MDM solution, so when users complete Setup Assistant, their devices will be automatically enrolled in MDM and configured with the proper settings.

Trams Apple Authorised Reseller ID: 1B4180

Trams | Econocom capabilities for Device Enrolment

Trams|Econocom offer seamless device enrolment with APIs enabling us to manage the process in-house. Devices can be assigned to a user before they receive their technology. With zero touch deployment in place the configuration is automatic.

Need support introducing Apple Device Enrolment?

Our Mac Readiness Review is designed to help you prepare for your next Mac deployment and set your organisation up for success with Mac by evaluating numerous IT areas. Or, if you're not using Apple Business yet? Enrol your organisation here.

Device Enrolment Customer Support

Phone Number: +44 (0)20 7820 7111
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We live and breathe everything Apple! Trams is an Authorised Apple Reseller and happy to help any customer with their Apple journey. Please reach out to us on any questions you have.

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